Impact Indicators for PUMA Platform


In the realm of sustainability projects facilitated by the PUMA Platform, a critical challenge arises in effectively measuring and showcasing the tangible impact of these initiatives. Currently, there is a lack of a dedicated module to systematically assess and quantify the outcomes and benefits generated by sustainability projects. Without such a mechanism, stakeholders, including those seeking sustainability projects and students eager to contribute, face difficulties in comprehensively understanding and demonstrating the real value produced through their collaborative efforts.


Fill this gap by developing a specialized module. This module will systematically evaluate and quantify the impact of sustainability projects, providing a data-driven representation of their value and enhancing transparency.


  • Enhanced Accountability: Stakeholders can track and assess project outcomes, fostering accountability among contributors.

  • Informed Decision-Making: Comprehensive impact data empowers project seekers and students to make informed decisions, strategically aligning their efforts for maximum impact.

  • Improved Project Selection: Organizations and individuals can use the impact module to select initiatives aligned with their goals, streamlining the project selection process and contributing to the success of the Platform as a hub for impactful sustainability endeavors.

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© 2024 Egalitarian All Rights Reserved