Integrated Supply Chain Management System


Cooperatives currently face a significant challenge in the accurate collection and storage of data during and after the sorting process. This inefficiency compromises their overall productivity and hampers the ability to conduct impactful analysis. The consequence is a hindrance in negotiating additional collection zones, subsequently limiting the potential for expanding operations to other parts of the city.


Address the data accuracy issues faced by cooperatives during waste sorting processes by developing an integrated waste management system to provide a comprehensive, data-driven view of the work conducted within these cooperatives.


  • Enhanced Data Accuracy: The implementation of the integrated system will ensure a higher level of accuracy in data collected and reported by cooperatives. This, in turn, contributes to the reliability of information shared with the government.

  • Facilitated Government Reporting: Accurate data sent to the government will not only ensure compliance but also facilitate smoother reporting processes. This, in the long run, strengthens the relationship between cooperatives and government entities.

  • Cooperative Expansion: The improved accuracy in data reporting is expected to positively influence government perceptions. As a result, cooperatives are likely to experience increased opportunities for negotiation, potentially expanding their collection zones and operations to other parts of the city.

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© 2024 Egalitarian All Rights Reserved