Semi-Mechanized Sorting of Urban Solid Waste


The current waste sorting process at CENTCOOP, particularly in the initial stage, poses significant challenges. Materials arriving at the cooperative are left exposed in an open space for days, enduring exposure to rain and sunlight. This not only compromises the quality of materials but also leads to the accumulation of organic waste, attracting insects. The need for an improved sorting system, especially in the first phase, is crucial to prevent material loss and ensure a more sanitary and efficient process.


Enhance the waste sorting process, particularly in the initial stage. The project aims to explore and propose solutions that contribute to a more efficient and effective sorting process, considering insights from existing CENTCOOP warehouses and planning for a new semi-mechanized sorting system.


  • Improved Material, preserving their quality and market value.

  • Enhanced Efficiency, streamlining the sorting process, contributing to increased efficiency, ensuring a more rapid turnaround for materials and allows for a smoother workflow throughout the cooperative.

  • Empowering Waste Pickers, by the incorporation of machines in the sorting process, enhancing the overall experience of waste pickers, making their work more efficient and potentially increasing their income through improved sorting outcomes.

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© 2024 Egalitarian All Rights Reserved